The Clockwork Parliament


Introducing Hatventures, the musical!

One Piece Chapter 755

I’m… not sure how to feel after… that


prayer circle to keep chapter 755 from becoming the start of franky’s downward spiral into a shitty character

Let’s blame it on those multiple suplex’s he took to the head…


Calaveras Calaveras Calaveras! The gold and silver coloured one is part of a bigger series inspired by my favourite games. Stay tuned! I’m hoping to do some metallic prints soon, if any fellow artists out there have a recommendation for printers in the UK, please get in touch. Thanks! For now, normal prints are available in the shop.


One Piece Grand Battle X

 - you know what it fuckin is
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One Piece Favorites: Haki
"Haki is a power that lies dormant in all of the world’s creatures. Presence, fighting spirit, and intimidation— it is not different from the things that humans can naturally sense such as these. "The act of not doubting," that is strength!"


"Watch your mouth..Im someone who gets heated up by anger!"